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Jason Travel, Inc. is fully automated. Our system allows us to offer immediate confirmation of airline seats on a worldwide basis. In addition, similar rapid confirmations are available for hotels, car rentals, Amtrak, theater tickets, European Rail and more. Hooked up to our reservation terminals are high-speed printers which generate tickets, boarding passes, invoices and "plain language" itineraries.

Traveler's Preference Profile
Within our system, we will store pertinent information for all travelers in your organization. This will include seat and meal-type preferences; all frequent flyer account numbers; hotel type preference; auto retail choices and credit card numbers for payment of travel purchases and hotel guarantees. In addition, we will include any additional information that adds to your travelers comfort and convenience. Once this basic information is entered into our system, we can access it without again imposing on your valuable time.

In the absense of other instructions, it is our policy to quote the lowest available fare at the time of booking. Where a desired airfare category is not available we will advise the traveler that we will attempt to add his/her name to a priority waitlist.

Hotel and Car Rental
We strive to offer the best rates for our clients whether they be corporate, weekend, promotional, etc. using our corporate affiliations or those you maintain.

Other Services
As a full service agency, we offer a number of other services that may be important to travelers in general:


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